Месть и любовь 1997

Фильм Месть за любимого 2016. Русские мелодрамы / СериалыНазвание книги: Месть и любовь 1997
Страниц: 263
Год: 2011
Жанр: Роман

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О книге «Месть и любовь 1997»

Then suddenly it's noon and the chief astronomer (Matthew Broderick) lowers the telescope until he can focus on the woman he loves (Kelly Preston) frolicking in a meadow with the students she teaches. Sam tracks her down by canvassing residential hotels until he finds the right one (don't try this yourself unless you have lots of time).

Then he discovers that Linda is dating a French chef named Anton (Tcheky Karyo). Sam sneaks into an empty building across the way and, using his astronomer's knowledge of lenses, builds a refracting gadget that projects an image of their apartment onto a wall in his (the technical term for his device is "camera obscura'').

Later he bugs their place, so he can relax on his sofa and watch a moving picture of their private life, with sound.

Using his scientist's training, he graphs their progress (there is even a chart showing her daily smile quotient) to predict when they will break up.

During this process, a mystery figure on a motorcycle turns up.

This leads to a conversation between the two men in which Anton seems so manifestly wiser and more grown up that I was reminded of a generalization I once heard: "European films are about grownups, and American films are about adolescents.'' Not true in all cases, of course, but it's dramatically true here that Anton has an adult's understanding of the world, and the Sam character thinks he's living in a sitcom.

How much more interesting this situation might have been if they'd forgotten about the reflecting lenses and the practical jokes and tried to devise a comedy based on personalities and dialogue! Instead, we get a plot so predictable that there cannot be a single person in the audience who doesn't know Broderick and Ryan are destined to fall in love with each other.

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  • Очень приятно. Держало в напряжении от начала и до конца. Спасибо!

  • Отстой. Не читаемо. "Произведение" из разряда - дешевок, полное гавно. А до бога "Вселенной EVE Online ( Миры EVE Online) - Хорта, автору расти и расти. Печально, что нет оценок книг со знаком минус.

  • Для меня было открытием - жанр косммопера, прочитал о нем тут - и, кстати, это одна из самых популярных книг жанра.

  • Люблю этого автора но тут сюжет подкачал .
    С пятилетним воздержанием автор тоже погорячилась .А так не плохо

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